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The Worst Things Critics Have Said About Jerry Seinfeld's 'Unfrosted' Movie

The Worst Things Critics Have Said About Jerry Seinfeld's 'Unfrosted' Movie
"Unfrosted," Jerry Seinfeld's new Netflix film about the Pop Tart, has been eviscerated by critics.
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Jerry Seinfeld, a staple of TV and stand-up comedy, hasn't really dabbled in the world of feature film much. Before this week, Seinfeld had been a part of only one non-documentary film, "Bee Movie" β€” which he starred in and co-wrote back in 2007. And now, he's doubled his tally with "Unfrosted," which he's also starred in and co-written β€” but this time directed too.

"Bee Movie" lives in infamy on the internet, for being in the so bad, it's good mould of films, not to mention getting memed to death, like the Minions and Shrek have. Unlike those, "Unforsted" is a 90-minute romp that takes aim at breakfast foods, corporate nonsense and fills the screen with as many celeb cameos as possible.

Is it any good? Apparently not, which is why it's gotten some pretty rotten reviews from critics. Here's what they said.

Should we really care about Pop-Tarts? Or the jokes?

The team behind the movie never reached out to Kellogg's, and it shows in a film that has little interest in the true origin story of the Pop-Tart.

[Laura Rutkowski, Radio Times]

While there are some chuckles to be had, entertaining performances from the large cast, and a few memorable cameos, Seinfeld's film is too ridiculous, cliche-ridden, and busy for its own good.

[Alyssa Christian, Next Best Picture]

By most standards, "Unfrosted" is not what you'd call a "good" movie. And yet... I laughed. A lot.

[Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm]

Tries hard to be wacky and snappy, but the silliness of it all is mostly mild. At least until it turns borderline tasteless. Much like the toaster pastries celebrated in the feature.

[Brian Orndorf, Blu-Ray]

It's content to be childishly silly rather than legitimately weird, veering between gags concerning age-old products and January 6 with a mildness that keeps things pleasantly pedestrian.

[Nick Schager, The Daily Beast]

Seinfeld shows no intentions about why he picked this project

You know, Jerry, if you're going to criticize "woke culture" for killing comedy, maybe you should try to make something that's actually funny again sometime soon.

[Edward Douglas, The Weekend Warrior]

Unfrosted is as edgy as a hula hoop... Wokeness and the "extreme left" shoulder no blame for this monstrosity. Only an embittered 70-year-old billionaire could make something this soulless.

[Andrew Dignan, In Review Online]

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the man who created a "show about nothing" has also made a movie that feels as hollow as a Froot Loop.

[Ross Bonaime, Collider]

If you thought Jerry Seinfeld's funniest moments were in his American Express ads, then "Unfrosted" is the film for you.

[William Bibbiani, The Wrap]


Oh, well. Perhaps the best response to junk food is junk cinema.

[Donald Clarke, Irish Times]

"Unfrosted" goes well beyond its expiration date.

[Nate Adams, The Only Critic]

Disappointing and bland, just like an unfrosted Pop-Tart.

[Trace Sauveur, Paste Magazine]

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  1. yemarb1 4 days ago

    I did not like it. Was a little funny, but the story went all over the place, seemed formulaic, and I lost interest about half way through it. I would give it a C, for just average, if not even below average....

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