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Smart Correction System

designgree is an industrial design & strategy studio.

We’ll work with you to focus your business on producing a continuous stream of state-of-the-art products and services. We build product architectures, product and digital product roadmaps, and business engines that create, scale and manage products and services.

We focus on creativity and how to break functional fixedness to innovate more deliberately. It’s less about post-it notes and more about the mechanics of innovating and how to source new ideas that really work.

We concentrate on commercialisation. The biggest challenge is getting ideas to market faster. We help you walk through the treacle that slows down the GTM of new products and services. We also help you design and configure the business for continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of new solutions.

For Customer Intimacy

For service-related companies where customer intimacy is paramount, we help you get closer to your customers to continually tailor and sharpen your products and services.

It’s all about customer loyalty and maximising customer lifetime value, and the business needs to be designed and configured to enable this relentless pursuit to get the customer exactly what he or she wants.

For Operational Excellence

For companies looking to lead the industry with price and convenience, we will create and optimise your production engine for the continuous delivery of products and services in a lean and agile manner.

We will find ways to minimise your overhead costs, reduce friction costs and optimise business processes through cross-functional and ecosystem thinking.

We work with business to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight customers.

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Banana Thermometer


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Home Curfew System

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Home Curfew Management System

OPTICON management system(OMS)'s mobile application is an intuitive and friendly interface that empowers officers in the field to effectively manage their workload from a mobile device both seamlessly and securely.

The app enhances productivity and enables officers to remotely monitor their offenders.

  • Available 24/7

  • Robust reports

  • Advanced mapping

  • Enhanced monitoring

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