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The Many Ways The 'Super Size Me' Documentary Misled Us

The Many Ways The 'Super Size Me' Documentary Misled Us
It is, of course, true that eating large amounts of McDonald's food isn't good for you — but doubt has been cast on just how reliable Morgan Spurlock's Oscar-nominated documentary actually is.
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  1. Frank Castle 21 hours ago

    The follow-up documentary Fat Head pretty much showed the total garbage that was represented in Super Size Me. Super Size Me was a bloated over-hyped load of misleading crap. Spurlock loved the attention that he got but his so called “documentary” was really just a project to get himself noticed.

  2. Melinda 2 days ago

    This "debunk" is pretty weak. Was it sponsored by McDonalds? The only valid point was his history with alcohol possibly affecting his liver, and this was vague and really does nothing to debunk the larger point (red herring fallacy). Overall waste of time.

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