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My Wife Wants Me To Stop Sending Mom Money, And Other Family Drama Stories

My Wife Wants Me To Stop Sending Mom Money, And Other Family Drama Stories
Two sisters fall out after public breastfeeding leads to cropped wedding pics.
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Remember those feel-good movie characters from the aughts who'd one day find a troubled family and teach them how to love again? Well, none of them were available, so I'll have to do.

That's right, I've gathered some of the wildest family drama from across Reddit, and now you're invited to my virtual BBQ to hear it all. From failed family vacations to parents knowing when to cut the leash, I'm still here to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving, even if we're in May.

I'm Fighting With My Cousin Because She's Letting Her 1-Year-Old Use A Smartphone

I recently visited my cousin. She has a small 1-year-old kid whom she lets use smartphone to watch Tiktok and YoutubeKids. I don't like such small kids be given smartphones, and frankly, think it is harmful. I understand parents getting from work tired but still, the child's brain is at risk

Then my mother called out to the kid, she wanted to talk or play with him. But the kid didn't even budge, constantly looking at the screen as if he couldn't even register the presence. After few minutes he eventually closed the smartphone and went to play with her

I was still alarmed and told my cousin that young kids using smartphones will just "ruin" them and that it is obviously not good for the brain. She went defensive and basically told me that one day I too will be a parent and she will wait to see how I deal with my kid. I just replied that I will be responsible and not let my toddler use phones ever.

Sure it's not my child but I just wanted to give an advice. Majority of parents let their very young kids and even younger than that use smartphones, watch tiktok or YouTubeKids on their TV screens, and frankly it's infuriating considering all the research and studies done on the negative effects of the screens.

EDIT: For the the people who say that I don't know how frequently the child uses it, that mother is tired or etc. She frequently visits us with her child, and she always lets him use it when in our home


Shoutout to Reddittor u/XxSereneSerpentxX who kinda annihilated you by saying, "You shamed her parenting, gave her unsolicited advice without alternative solutions, and you don't even have children yourself." I was going to put it across nicer, but that's pretty much my sentiment too. You really can't just dump out your frustrations on her parenting like that. I remember Sophia from the Golden Girls once said, "Rose, your heart's in the right place, but I don't know where the hell your brain is." I think you need to offer solutions, like if she's doing this because she's tired, offer to help her out in any way you find reasonable. Read the rest of the thread here.

My Neighbors Have Blocked Us, Saying My Wife Wasn't Social Enough

Hi there! I'm new to this group so I hope the content of this post is okay. I'll try to keep this story short but basically I just want to know if I'm way off base here.

We have neighbors with a kid similar to both of our kids ages and they used to play great together. Last fall, the parents stopped responding to any of my messages asking how they were doing and to see if their child would like to play with ours. I received nothing but radio silence from them and they also seemed to disappear from the neighborhood. At one point I sent a message asking if they were okay and that we hadn't seen them around. I received this message back two months later:

'Hello Craig, We (Angela and I) have been concerned about the lack of effort by your wife to engage with us socially, which has prevented us from getting to know her as an individual. When considering who our child spends time with, it is essential for both of us, as parents, to feel comfortable with both parents involved as they are a direct conduit to the children our son interacts with. You had access to both of us (Angela and I) individually and jointly to determine how you felt about being around the three of us and your children. We felt it was odd that she was never around and only you. That absence prevented us from getting to know her and easing our comfort level, something you had a chance to do with us that we didn't have. We had hoped that by now, she would have done so on her own without guidance or coaching from you so we could get to know the real her. But she's not that involved from what we saw, which was only you and the boys, and that makes us extremely uncomfortable, as stated above.'

Does anyone else find this a bit judgmental and condescending? Or was it just me? I responded and pointed that out to which they essentially blocked me and will not talk to me anymore.

But is this a thing people are doing now? Requiring social interaction from both parents or block?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

EDIT: My wife was diagnosed with a very serious illness last year and has been dealing with treatment. That's why she doesn't socialize much. But we don't really advertise that.

I think Reddittor u/clearlyimawitch said it best: "I think we call this one 'dodging a bullet,'" and I completely agree. I'm not even trying to be mean when I say I got exhausted reading that crazy long text. I'm sorry, but they're talking to y'all like you're on their payroll and your wife was caught sleeping on the job. On the bright side, at least you now have one neighbor you know will never bother you. Here's hoping they find a lovely place somewhere else one day though... in hell, those psychos! Read the rest of the thread here.

My Wife Is Mad I've Been Secretly Supporting My Mom Financially

My parents live in separation and never had an actual divorce. They live in separate homes but are still in contact with each other. We spend holidays together. They are now retired, not working. My mom has been diagnosed many years back with malignant melanoma of the eye and was not able to work for most of her adult life. Because of that she does not get much money per month. In the winter months the bills are so high that she is not able to afford the electricity bills. I have been helping her financially in secret because my wife does not approve of it. My father believes he doesn't owe her anything and that he needs the money for himself so he doesn't support her financially anymore. My wife found out that I've been paying my mom's bills and she was angry with me. She believes my father should be the one supporting her since they are still technically married and if they were divorced he'd have to pay her alimony. My wife believes that the money we earn should go towards the future of our child. I don't know what to think anymore. Any advice?

I think your dad is taking advantage of you by basically having you make his alimony payments for him. Your mom sounds like your rock, and I know you just want to help her, but it's time to help her by thinking about getting legally divorced. Realistically, when adding up all those utility bills over the years, we're talking about enough money to get your kid a car one day. Listen to your wife and apologize to her for enabling your dad's bad behavior by dishing out all that money already. Read the rest of the thread here.

My Sister Is Mad I Didn't Want My Wedding Photos With Her Breastfeeding

I (29F) just got married married to my husband a week ago. My sister (31F) has a 5 month old baby and both were at the wedding.

I don't really like my sister's personality and her partner broke up with her a few months ago who alleged she was an 'exhibitionist' and our side of the family are starting to see why he left her. My sister would usually breastfeed openly in public and although I don't have a problem with breastfeeding your child, I do think I'm not really tolerant of HOW she does it. Most women in my community will breastfeed in public too, but will ensure they move to a more private spot ( not the bathroom!) or bring nursing covers, and I don't think it's sexist and all, because I see that as a courteous thing. Being as kind as I can about my sister, I think she likes to make a statement and 'challenge' the status quo ever since she was a child. She's the type to flaunt about how she doesn't give a fuck what others think about her and how she acts in public. So yea, she's got some issues of her own because I cannot imagine someone being this angry at the world for no good reason.

Moving on to my wedding, I had a videographer panning the camera in the centre of the aisle as I'd walk down, which means guests would be in plain view. My sister doesn't carry bottles with her and she would start nursing whenever baby needs to eat. I didn't want this captured on camera and wanted to avoid any possibility of that happening (because aesthetics), so I situated her in one of the middle rows to ensure she's concealed either way. The rest of the family including my cousins were seated in the front. I also requested the cameraman to avoid taking pictures of guests in case she's openly breastfeeding during the reception as well.

My bridesmaids on the wedding day managed to handle my sister as later I got to know she threw a stink about feeling neglected and hardly any pictures captured with her baby. Apparently, she had been nursing (maybe also to calm the baby down) therefore the camera guy hired requested her to step out of the frame several times. Ngl, this made me want to tip him a little extra haha.

This has been a pattern of hers at several family events (she also has a 2-year-old daughter who was present too that's how we were able to discern this pattern from the past), and even some work events that she used to attend with her partner. All of us have made effort in the past to communicate with her, but she gets argumentative and I didn't want to have to deal with her drama

Idc about being called prude. I didn't want someone's photo/videos with their chest out on my wedding regardless of context.

You really did all you could for your sister to be able to breastfeed as she needed, and that's very commendable. I also agree with Reddittor u/Alert-Potato who mentioned, "It would be inappropriate for the videographer to capture anyone breastfeeding and keep the footage without their expressed consent." Personally, I would've just asked if she would budge on not going topless for the short ceremony so that she may be photographed. However, based on what you said, it doesn't seem like that would've been an option either. Again, you did the best you could and it's not like this isn't a wedding she had literal months to plan for. Read the rest of the thread here.

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